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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pinoy kid is Holland’s rising singing star

Kim Regasa [ABS-CBN]
Even if he failed to win in Holland’s Got Talent, a Dutch-Pinoy is the new rising star in Holland.
Kim Regasa has been dubbed by the media as the “mini Michael Jackson” of Holland.

Making it among the 9 finalists from the 4,000 who auditioned in the British reality talent-search franchise owned by Simon Cowell, Regasa easily became a crowd favorite.

At the audition, the very popular Dutch judge named Gordon praised Regasa and suggested he sounded like the young Michael Jackson.

So, Regasa’s mother immediately changed his repertoire and searched for Jackson Five songs.

Come semi-finals, when he sang “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson Five, the crowd and the 3 judges stood up and gave Regasa the longest standing ovation on the show.

The following day, Regasa was all over the news, and the media aptly dubbed him as the “mini Michael Jackson” of Holland.

But Regasa did not bag the title in the finals as tenor Martin Hurkens received the most text votes, winning the top prize in Holland’s Got Talent 2010.

Because he’s still very young, failure did not wreck Regasa’s night and the days ahead.

According to him, singing was just like playing. It’s, in fact, a hobby and a past-time that he spends with his Filipina mother Mabel.

It’s no wonder then that from all the contestants in Holland’ Got Talent, Regasa had been praised for his good poise and steady calm on stage.

American judge Dan Karaty found him as a real star material and a born entertainer.

Even if he did not win, Regasa is very happy with what he has achieved, and also because he was able to showcase his Pinoy talent to the Dutch viewers.

“Talagang ano masaya talaga ako tapos yung family ko sa Pilipinas nanood sila sa YouTube, maganda talaga,” Regasa said.

Regasa said he was not disappointed for losing after such a promising start and smooth sailing to the finals.

Hindi po, never mind lang po,” Regasa said.

Regasa was better known as a Dutch-Filipino contestant because he always mentions that he was born in the Philippines.

“He’s born there so he can be proud of where he comes from, that’s why I always tell him and my daughter also. Don’t forget where you came from. Even if we live in Holland, you’re still a Pinoy,” Regasa’s father Carlo de Blank said.

Regasa’s sentimental attachment to the Philippines could have been the result of his closeness with Mabel, who taught him how to sing.

Mabel, who hails from Lucena, Quezon, was also a singer, and it was during her singing stint in Singapore that she met Carlo.

Mabel says that in her youth, she was an “amateur.” She used to join all amateur singing contests just so she can earn money to help feed her poor family.

“Kinakailangan mong kumanta para may maitulong ka sa pamilya. May time pa nga ang amateur nasa bundok, sasakay ka pa sa paragos para marating mo yung singing contest na yun. Yun ang buhay ng amateurista na natutuwa naman ako na hindi naransan ni Kim,” Mabel said.

Regasa’s education is still the family’s priority, which is why Carlo and Mabel have put a strict limit as to the bookings of their son which have now started to pour in.

Many fans of Regasa have posted video clips of his performances at Holland’s Got Talent on YouTube.
Is this a sign that it will be possible for Regasa to trek the same road travelled by the now famous Charice?

(Story courtesy of Loui Galicia, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau)

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