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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pinoys win Golds in World Robot Olympiad

The Philippines won two gold medals and numerous other awards in the World Robot Olympiad at the SMX Convention Center in Manila.

In facing 22 foreign countries participating in the International Olympiad, the Philippines – represented by 10 teams comprising 56 members from different private and public schools proved to the world the Filipino is formidable in technological skills and expertise.

Grace Christian College in Quezon City and Dr. Yanga’s College in Bulacan each won a gold medal in the elementary and junior high school levels of the Open Category.

In the elementary open category, with students from the Grace Christian College (GCC) in Quezon City winning the top prize. Another Philippine team, the Spurgeon School Foundation, got a trophy and certificate for placing 6th in the same category.

In the open category for high school, apart from Dr. Yanga’s College in Bulacan bagging the team gold, two other Philippine teams got trophies for placing 3rd and 4th, and they were composed of students from the International School (IS) of Manila and the GCC, respectively.

In the regular category for elementary where competitors took control of their robots to play the game Tour of the Philippines, a Philippine team from West Rembo Elementary School bagged bronze, and another from Tibagan High School in Makati placed 5th.

Two Philippine teams, one of which is from Makati Science High School, placed 7th and 8th in the regular category for Junior High School where competitors controlled their robots in playing the traditional Filipino game “Tumbang Preso.”

In the senior high regular category, where competitors played the tradition Filipino game “Palo Sebo” through their robots, the Philippines sent no team to compete as Science and Technology Undersecretary Fortunato dela Peña said the country does not have a senior high school in the standard Philippine school curriculum.

Dr. Ester Ogena, director of the Department of Science and Technology’s Science Education Institution (SEI), said the fact that Philippines teams – even those from public schools which usually operate on a limited budget – won several awards in the international competition “simply implies that our students are getting better in programming robots which requires analysis, manipulation skills, problem solving and others.”

“this, establishes the pride of the Filipino people in the world community of nations,” she added.

The Philippines has won the right to host the competition having previously won two gold medals, two silvers, and a bronze over seven years of competing in the WRO.

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